Zastava MP22 Bolt Action .22LR Target Rifle


Zastava MP22 Bolt Action .22WMR Target Rifle

Factors that give the Zastava Smallbore rifle MP22 exceptional precision and accuracy are:
  •  Mauser rotating bolt system,
  •  Cold forged barrel,
  •  Selection of design chrome-vanadium steel.
Stock is made of selected quality walnut. 
Zastava Smallbore rifle is a safe weapon; trigger mechamism is blocked with a lever-type safety.
Metal swivels provide secure fastening of the sling.
The receiver has threads for the assembly of optical sight mounts (that are provided optionally).
Zastava Smallbore rifle has iron sights.
Standard finish of metal parts is blueing, while the wooden parts are oiled and polished. 

Cartridge .22WMR
Operation manual bolt action
Locking rotating bolt
Magazine capacity 5 rounds
Sight mechanical fore, pillar; rear, U notch calibrated from 100รท1200m
Gun Length 1050 mm
Barrel Length 560 mm
Weight without magazine 2.7kg

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 12 cm


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